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Traditional vs. Roth IRAs

StaffRetirement Planning

There are two types of IRAs you can use for retirement investments: Roth IRAs and traditional IRAs. While they share similarities, there are also some important differences to note.

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Other Points of View: January 2019

Reginald A.T. ArmstrongOther Points of View

Welcome to the Other Points of View, a monthly eZine designed to complement our WealthProtect Status Update. Other Points of View's primary aim is to give you in an easy, once...


Tax Scams & Schemes

StaffFinancial Wellness

Every year, scammers target taxpayers with schemes designed to separate them from their money, and some taxpayers try to outsmart the IRS to get out of paying their full tax...


An Executor Checklist

StaffEstate Planning

It is no small responsibility to serve as an executor, especially for a complex estate. Prepare for the tasks ahead of you, so that you may do them well while honoring the...


WealthProtect Status Update January 2019

Reginald A.T. ArmstrongWealthProtect Status Update

This is the monthly WealthProtect System* status update and includes the probability (Low, Mid, High) of a change in status within the next two months.


Some Changes Are Coming for 401(k)s

StaffRetirement Planning

Changes are coming to 401(k)s in 2019 affecting employees who borrow from their plan and then leave their job, employees who receive hardship distributions, and in the amount...


LPL Research Outlook 2019

StaffInvestment Planning

LPL Research Outlook 2019: FUNDAMENTAL: How to Focus on What Really Matters in the Markets is filled with investment insights and market guidance for the year ahead.


Photo Gallery: Client Appreciation Picnic 2018


View the photos captured from our annual Client Appreciation picture on Friday, September 5, 2018.


Social Security Gets Its Biggest Boost in Years

StaffFinancial Wellness

Seniors can look forward to the biggest boost in Social Security benefits that they’ve seen in years. The Social Security Administration has authorized a 2.8% cost of living...

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