2013 Fall Newsletter: Quarterly Update

Reginald A.T. Armstrong • The Armstrong Report

Our firm and LPL Financial have made serious commitments to improving the technology we use in order to make your experience better. The most significant—and most challenging—was the rollout of the new LPL AccountView. This was not simply an upgrade; it was an entirely new product. Consequently, a number of clients had challenges in getting access. A lot of the challenges had to do with the superior security features built into the new AccountView for your safety. Once clients were able to get access, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Similarly, LPL Financial’s earlier rollout of eSignature has been a tremendous success. Through eSignature clients are able to get their documents for signature securely via email at their pc, tablet, or smartphone. Not as obvious to clients is the Enhanced Trading & Rebalancing Tool. Suffice it to say that this tool helps us manage your portfolios much more efficiently.

At the local level, we have two major rollouts. One is we now are able to publish useful content on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts several times per week. The content addresses a wide variety of topics and sometimes is in print and sometimes is via video. If you not yet aware of our social media presence, you can look up any of our staff on LinkedIn, our company on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter using our handle: @armstrongreport. The second major rollout should arrive by the end of October…drum roll please…our firm is rolling out our very own Smartphone App! This will be available on both iPhone and Android devices. This app will have great content, and you will also be able to email us a question with a push of a “button,” or schedule an appointment, and a host of other things. Stay tuned!

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