Other Points of View: March 2020

Reginald A.T. Armstrong • Other Points of View

Welcome to the Other Points of View, a monthly eZine designed to complement our WealthProtect Status Update. Other Points of View's primary aim is to give you in an easy, once per month format direct links to articles, blogs, and research that you may find valuable.

Please keep in mind that opinions shared via those links belong to those authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of LPL Financial or Armstrong Wealth Management Group. Enjoy!

LPL Research's Weekly Market Commentary: Key Week for the Bottoming Process
First Trust Portfolios: Cut the Politicians' Pay
Larry Swedroe: How Market Crashes Happen Without More Bad News
Advisor Perspectives: Q&A on the Coronavirus with a Top Infectious Disease Specialist - Transcript
John M. Balder: Don’t Fear the Helicopter Solution

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