WealthProtect Status Update: April 2024

Reginald A.T. Armstrong • WealthProtect Status Update

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Investment Status

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Large Cap Stocks

100% Equities


Nasdaq 100 Stocks

50% Equities/50% 3 Month T bills


International Stocks

100% Equities



The economy continues to prove resilient with Gross Domestic Product in the fourth quarter of last year above expectations and in the first quarter of 2024 appears to be above 2% growth. The rate of inflation continues to come down but is far stickier than many expected. Unemployment continues to be quite low. Stocks had a great first quarter while bonds were down slightly. The optimism in stocks began to run out of steam in April.

System Triggers

All three of our equity holdings maintained their previous investment position and there were no triggers.

If you have any questions, please contact your wealth manager.

Thanks for your continued trust.

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